Say hello to your newest third wheel.

I've never been one to easily answer the good old "tell me about yourself" prompt, but here it goes! I'm 24 years old, and a recent graduate from the University of Maine with a major in Communication & minor in Psychology. One thing about me (that you'll find out when we work together) is that I am a dog mama to my 4 y/o golden retriever, Archie - p.s. I love dogs & they are always welcome at our session! I love coffee, a good girls night with friends, and a recently found love for cribbage. 
I first discovered my love for photography when I was in the fourth grade. I got a camera as a gift & loved to go outside and take photos of nature. After that, I specifically remember telling my parents that I was going to be a photographer when I grow up. Fast forward to now, I'm over here fulfilling little fourth grade me's dreams - Photography is my passion and I have finally been able to make my dreams come true thanks to all of you! 

Hi friends, I'm Mackenzie!

Meet me // 
I am a traveling wedding + Elopement Photographer based in maine

Time with family/boyfriend
Shopping at Target

Walking my pup
Enjoying yummy drinks
Cozied up 
Making memories

Summer concerts
With friends
Working on my  house

In my spare time you can find me

Each and every detail of your day is important to me and I will be sure to capture it all, but especially the details that are the most important to you. By the end of this, I will be more than just your photographer; I will be your new friend as well. The images that we create together should feel natural and like you & to make sure of this I aim to "prompt" rather than "pose" you.   

It's the little things that truly set me apart.

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